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Frankly, we believe that the quality of home and business generator installation we offer in Southeastern Massachusetts results in a product that beats the competition in terms of both your homes appearance and the reliability of your standby power.

We’re Electricians, NOT SUBCONTRACTORS

It may come as a surprise to you to find out, but many generator contractors are more salespeople than installers. Often times the people you communicate with simply sell you a generator and call in an electrician who actually works for another company to do the installation, often just lowest bidder.

The idea of being sold equipment by one company and having it put together by another who doesn’t even put their name behind the end product and might not have been given details on the job-site before arriving doesn’t exactly sit right with us. We do all our own electrical and installation work, and always work with a quality pipe-fitter we have experience with for the gas or propane part of the job.

See The Difference For Yourself!


We know what you’re thinking, the cement pad on which your generator lives must be the simplest part. But in truth, its the difference between a generator being installed ‘alright’ and it being done properly.

We offer precast pads, custom poured pads and even custom made metal stands to ensure the best long-term installation to match your budget, gradient or environment situation.


Unlike the “quick and easy” method of instillation, we install schedule 40 buried PVC conduit when appropriate instead of hanging ‘liquid-tight’ flexible conduit across spans of your property. This provide a better looking and more secure method protection for the electrical wiring.


Regardless of the length of the run, we go the extra mile in terms of quality of installation including what gets buried. This means every part of your system is customized to your home for the best possible installation.

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Quality work stands for itself. At the end of the day we make sure your installation and your generator is ready for the long-haul.

We offer much more beyond just initial installation. We pride ourselves in offer 5 or 10 year comprehensive warranties with most if not all of our generators and have in-house service, repair and warranty processing for your long-term reliability!


Are you in a flood zone? Do you need a larger-than-typical generator? Don’t worry, we’ve seen a lot of complex situations and have the experience and expertise to figure out a solution that works for you.

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We never put a generator on a gravel and wood bed. This might seem like an easy way to cheap out but its a generator which vibrates and wants to walk around. Beyond that, many economy-level generators have plastic or composite exteriors but steel frames which will inevitable rust away when placed on simple gravel and exposed to the elements. None of that is acceptable to us.

We only deal in Kohler. There are other generator brands that target the same type of standby power we install, but in our opinion they are inferior products often sold by big box stores that mark up a lower cost product. We buy our generator equipment exclusively from a certified Kohler distributor who works directly with us.

We will never leave you hanging. Our approach to business is long-term. You will never be stuck without service or hit with a hefty bill for equipment that is still under warranty. We offer maintenance plans and warranty repair under one roof which includes access to a 24/7 on-call at fairs rates if you’re really in a pinch.


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