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If you’re looking for a Kohler generator installation service in Massachusetts, your search ends here. Premier Generators is the #1 choice in the region. We serve the Barnstable, Bristol, Middlesex, Norfolk, and Plymouth counties in Massachusetts. And, we can help you achieve peace of mind knowing you’ll have backup power no matter what life throws at you. In comparison to the competition, our service results in a better appearance for your home and greater reliability. 

We specialize in Kohler backup generator installation specifically – they’re all we use for our customers, in fact. That’s because, compared to other brands, they are the premier solution. It’s that simple. They’re more efficient and reliable – and we stand behind every Kohler generator we install.  

Beyond our Kohler standby generator installation service, we are here for you after the fact for any sort of scheduled maintenance or emergency repairs necessary. You’ll never have to stress about your home’s power again when you partner with us. Request a quote today!

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Why Premier is the #1 Choice for Kohler Standby Generator Installation in MA

Why Choose Premier for your commercial or whole-house Kohler generator installation? Unlike the vast majority of your other choices in the Massachusettes area, we’re not subcontractors who are going to auction off your installation to the lowest bidder. We’re electricians – and we do all our installation work ourselves. This allows us to ensure the job is done right – the first time.

And, part of doing the job right entails using the right type of cement pad to support your generator. This is yet another area where so many other guys miss the mark. We can install pre-cast pads, custom poured pads, or custom-made metal stands to accommodate any budget, gradient, or environmental circumstance. 

Rather than going the “quick and easy” way, you can count on us to always install Kohler generators with schedule-40 buried PVC conduit. This is a more secure method of protection, and frankly, just looks better. 

Regardless of how long of a run we’re building, we maintain our standards for quality. And we’re willing to stand behind every Kohler generator we install with 5 or 10-year comprehensive warranties. Moreover, we’ll handle the service, repair, and warranty processing ourselves. 

With our wealth of experience, you can rest assured we’ll get your job done in a manner that exceeds expectations – whether you’re in a flood zone or need a larger-than-typical generator. We’ve seen it all and done it all – and are equipped to help you find the ideal solution for your backup power needs. If you’re still not quite convinced, here’s what a few of our past clients had to say:

“Top tier products with exception installation and service techs. This is the only company that I would ever use…” – Richard MacDonald

“Had a whole house generator installed by Premier. The whole experience was so easy. They took care of everything from permits to contacting the plumber and inspections. I would highly recommend Premier Generator!” – Pamela Rando

“Premier Generator installed a whole house Kohler unit for me in 2018.  The overall experience was exceptional and it continues to be with the service plan I maintain with them each year.” – Marco Lenzi

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Ready to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with our commercial or whole-house Kohler generator install service in Massachusetts? You’re just a few clicks away from receiving a personalized quote. When the process is all said and done, you’ll be glad you went with Premier Generators’ whole home generator installation service or our commercial generator installation service

And, as we’ve mentioned earlier, we don’t just handle Kohler standby generator installation. We’re here for you after installation – with Kohler generator repairs and service every step of the way! Request a quote today and let’s get started. 

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