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Premier Generator is offering a free extended 10-year warranty & first year preventative maintenance free with the purchase of a Kohler Standby Generator.
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Premier Generator inc is a sister company to Paul Foley Electric inc. Due to our success and overflowing demand in the generator market, in 2018 we decided to not treat generators as simply part of an electrical contracting business. We are all the same quality workers you’ve come to know, just with two different hats. We are now proactive in our focus on generator infrastructure both in the field as well as on the back end.

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Your most common questions all in one place.

We know that you have questions when it comes to choosing a backup electrical generator installer in Southeastern Massachusetts. As a full service electrical contractor and generator installer since 1992. We have earned a reputation for quality workmanship, reliability and cost efficiency service.

We have found it best for the end-user and the overall lifespan of your generator to stick with Kohler Generator exclusively. Although we are not contractually bound to do so, we simply believe they fit our place in the market and look after our generator customers for the long haul. If we thought there was a better product on the market, we would be installing it.

Absolutely yes, we offer a preventative maintenance ‘PM’ program which provides comprehensive scheduled maintenance for your generator. Our maintenance technicians are trained and certified, and we do a lot more than oil change.

Yes, we’re happy to service generators installed by other contractors. The generator must be a Kohler standby generator, and we always emphasize that generator maintenance is different than generator repair. If you’re looking for help with generator repair please be upfront with us and we will do our best to get the unit fixed up and if possible look into any warranty coverage it may have.

We are very proud to say as much as possible no. We are licensed electricians (and their apprentices) and trained Kohler technicians who do all of the electrical work and mechanical work. Although we are not gas fitters, we work closely with select contractors for plumbing that we have a strong working relationship with.

It is definitely recommended that you sign up to have your generator professionally maintained. While no one can require you to do so, preventative maintenance ensures your equipment is property looked after for long-term reliability as well as keeping you in line with any warranty you may have. We always do our best yo make sure any possible repairs are covered under warranty.

Due to the high volume of request we will contact you only if your request is accepted. We wish we could fulfill all donations; however we do our best to accommodate as many as possible. All donation requests must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Requests must be submitted at least 2 weeks before date of donation.
  • Requests must be submitted by email through the website contact page here.
  • Provide the Name of the Organization, Tax ID number, and what you are requesting.

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