Kohler GeneratorsLiquid Propane vs Natural Gas Fuel Source for Kohler Generators

May 17, 2020

To be straight to the point on this one, in most instances whether your generator gets installed with natural gas or liquid propane ‘LP’ is more a matter of whether a homeowner has access to natural gas or not. However; there are some advantages to propane you may not have considered.

Liquid Propane vs Natural Gas Fuel Source for Kohler Generators

Natural gas is generally the preferred fuel source of a gaseous standby generator because:

  1. It’s usually less of an initial investment because there is no need to buy or rent a tank

  2. It should theoretically be a practically endless supply

  3. The fuel itself tends to be less expensive

Liquid Propane vs Natural Gas Fuel Source for Kohler Generators

But here’s what you may not have considered when in comes to propane:

  1. Your fuel source in independent from the utility supply. If there was ever work being done by the utility provider or major issues at the street, you wouldn’t be effected by it.

  2. LP actually has higher fuel energy density, that means you get more power out of the same size generator. If you see a rating of ‘20kW’ or whatever value, that is pretty much always the rating on propane. If the same unit was installed with natural gas it would be more akin to 18kW. This means you can power more with the same generator, potentially avoiding the need to upgrade to a more expensive unit.

  3. You can always convert to natural gas later if it is installed on your street and keep your same unit. The change over is very simple and besides whatever pipe-fitting they’d have to do on your property, the work to the generator itself only takes a few minutes.


We help as much as possible to coordinate with the pipe-fitter and propane company on new installations to save you the hassle. We work with reputable plumbers who we’ve had positive experience with to make sure the job gets done right without you having to coordinate too much.

Do you already have an existing LP company or preferred pipe-fitter? We’re happy to work with your existing relationship and do our best to help them out.

Looking to swap LP companies? We can often assist in getting you setup with someone more reputable if you’re unhappy with your current contract. Some of our LP companies will even offer to buy out your existing tank(s) off of the other company, or help in replacing them.