Premier Generator, a certified and licensed powerhouse in the generator installation and maintenance industry, has been unwaveringly reliable in lighting up homes and businesses in Weston, MA. Building on the solid foundation laid by Paul Foley Electric, Inc., we’ve expanded our expertise to offer 24/7 repairs, preventative maintenance, and turnkey installation services across Middlesex County and the greater Boston metro area.

Our reputation for excellence is bolstered by our partnerships with leading manufacturers like Kohler and Generac Generators, ensuring top-tier service for every client.

whole house generator installation of a KOHLER genset in Weston, MA

Homeowners understand the importance of preparedness and comfort in the picturesque town of Weston, MA, nestled within the vibrant Middlesex County and part of the greater Boston metro area. Installing a home generator is not just an upgrade; it’s a commitment to ensuring your home remains a sanctuary, regardless of external conditions. Here’s why a Kohler Generator is the premier choice for homeowners in Weston.

  • Weather Resilience: Weston experiences various weather conditions, from heavy snowfalls in winter to thunderstorms in summer. A Kohler Generator ensures that your home remains warm, lit, and secure through every season.
  • Automatic Operation: Kohler Generators automatically kick in when power outages are detected, ensuring seamless continuity of power without any manual intervention required from you.
  • Customized Solutions: Every home in Weston has unique power needs. Kohler Generators come in various sizes and capacities, ensuring a perfect fit for your specific requirements, whether you’re looking to power a few essentials or your entire home.
  • Professional Assessment: Premier Generator offers professional in-home assessments to determine the most suitable generator model for your home, considering your energy usage, home size, and specific needs.
  • Expert Installation: Our team of certified and licensed professionals ensures your Kohler Generator is installed precisely, adhering to all local codes and regulations in Weston, MA.
  • Ongoing Maintenance and Support: Beyond installation, Premier Generator offers comprehensive maintenance plans to keep your generator in peak condition and ensure it’s always ready when you need it.

Why Premier Generator is Your Best Choice in Weston, MA

Choosing Premier Generator for your home generator installation means partnering with a team that values reliability, professionalism, and customer satisfaction above all else. Our deep roots in the community and our expertise in Kohler Generators make us the trusted choice for homeowners across Weston and the surrounding Boston metro area.

Secure your home’s power supply with a Kohler Generator from Premier Generator. Contact us today to schedule your professional in-home assessment and take the first step towards uninterrupted comfort and peace of mind in Weston, MA.

Commercial Generator Installation in Weston, MA

In the bustling business environment of Weston, MA, a part of the dynamic Middlesex County and the greater Boston metro area, ensuring uninterrupted operations is not just a necessity—it’s a competitive advantage. Installing a commercial generator, particularly a Kohler Generator, is a testament to a business’s resilience and commitment to continuous service, regardless of external power disruptions. Here’s why Kohler Generators are the optimal choice for businesses in Weston:

Why Your Business in Weston Needs a KOHLER Generator:

  • Seamless Operations: Power outages can halt business operations, leading to lost revenue and diminished customer trust. Kohler Generators provide a reliable power backup, ensuring your business remains operational during outages.
  • Automatic Activation: With automatic transfer switches, Kohler Generators kick in when a power outage is detected, minimizing downtime and keeping your business processes smooth and uninterrupted.
  • Built-In Safety Features: Kohler Generators have advanced safety features that protect your business premises and equipment from potential damage caused by power fluctuations and outages.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing that your business is protected against power disruptions allows you to focus on growth and service excellence, fostering a sense of security among your employees and customers.
  • Professional Installation: Our team of certified professionals ensures that your Kohler Generator is installed according to the highest industry standards and is compliant with all local regulations in Weston, MA.
  • Comprehensive Maintenance Plans: Premier Generator offers tailored maintenance plans designed to keep your generator in optimal condition and ensure reliability when it matters most.
Premier Generator specialists conducting a thorough site assessment for a generator installation in Weston, MA

Premier Generator: Powering Weston’s Businesses with Kohler Excellence

Choosing Premier Generator for your commercial generator installation means entrusting your business’s continuity to experts who understand Weston businesses’ unique challenges and needs. Our commitment to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction makes us the preferred partner for commercial entities across Middlesex County and the greater Boston metro area.

Empower your business with uninterrupted operations. Choose Kohler Generators installed by Premier Generator for reliability, efficiency, and peace of mind. Contact us today to explore the best power backup solutions for your business in Weston, MA.



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Generator Maintenance & Repairs in Weston, MA

Keeping Your Generator in Peak Condition

  • Regular Maintenance: Extend the lifespan of your generator and ensure it’s ready when you need it with our comprehensive maintenance plans.

  • Prompt Repairs: Our 24/7 repair service is always on call to address any issues, minimizing downtime and inconvenience.

  • Expert Advice: Benefit from our team’s extensive knowledge, helping you make informed decisions about your generator’s care and upkeep.

  • Preventative Measures: Avoid costly breakdowns with regular checks and maintenance, ensuring your generator operates efficiently year-round.

Technician from Premier Generator performing maintenance on a standby generator in Weston

Why Choose Premier Generator in Weston, MA?

Premier Generator is the leading authority in Kohler generator installation and maintenance in Weston, MA, and the surrounding Boston metro area. Our commitment to excellence and our deep understanding of local needs and challenges position us as the #1 choice for homeowners and businesses alike. Whether you’re seeking a reliable power solution for your home or need a scalable system to support your growing business, Premier Generator has the expertise, experience, and dedication to ensure your needs are met with the highest service standards.

Don’t wait until the next power outage to secure your energy independence. Contact Premier Generator today to discover how we can light up your world with the reliability and efficiency of a Kohler generator, perfectly tailored to your needs in Weston, MA.