UncategorizedHow a Kohler Backup Electric Generator Works

September 28, 2020

If you’re thinking about buying a Kohler backup electric generator in the greater Carver and Southeastern Massachusetts region, you might be wondering how they work. Premier Generator has been installing Kohler generators for commercial and residential applications for years, so we’ve seen why so many home and business owners choose Kohler. But if you’re considering a generator for the first time,

Here’s a look into how a Kohler backup electric generator works:

You won’t lift a finger. Everything’s automatic.

Before the power goes out your Kohler generator‘s automatic transfer switch (ATS) monitors the electricity coming from the utility company. It works 24/7 to protect your home or business. Your generator has a power indicator light. This handy little device is located on your automatic transfer switch. It tells you where your home’s power is coming from — utility or generator. Your Kohler generator will exercise itself and run diagnostic tests for 20 minutes each week to make sure it’s ready when needed. And guess what? It happens automatically. With OnCue Generator Management System, you can manage your Kohler home or business generator, receive updates via text or e-mail, view real-time power operation and more. All from your computer, phone or tablet.

When the power goes out the ATS signals the generator to start. In seconds, the ATS transfers your power from the utility to the generator.

By the time you read this, your Kohler generator will have started and restored power to your home or business.

Your Kohler backup electric generator powers your home or business until the steady utility power is restored.

When the utility power is restored, the ATS automatically transfers your power from the generator to the utility. Your Kohler standby generator automatically shuts down, ready for the next power outage.

It’s as simple as that. If you’re ready to install a Kohler backup electric generator for your home or business in Carver, Massachuetts, contact Premier Generator at 4 Jabez Bridge RdD, Carver, MA, 02330, or call +1 (508) 947-2863, or fill out our contact form at https://premiergenerator.com/contact-us/