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A generator should be a long-term investment. That’s we strive to be the most reliable name in generators for the long-haul.


We offered preventative maintenance agreements that not only ensure your generator is well maintained, but keeps you in line with Kohler’s warranty guidelines.

Ask about our extended warranty offer! If you install with us and sign a ‘PM’ agreement with you. you get a 10 year extended factory warranty that covers PARTS AND LABOR for FREE!

preventative maintenance - Kohler generator
The 20RCA, one of our most popular models.


Existing customers with ‘PM’ agreements have access to call an on-call technician line with a live answering service run right here in Massachusetts. If at all reasonably possible we will get out to you asap and get you up and running.

Who else has service like that these days?


All of our technicians are trained by Kohler in generator diagnostics and repair. They not only perform maintenance to-spec from the manufacturer, but have the equipment and education to get you back up and running in the event of problem.

Does My Kohler Generator Purchase Include a Battery?


Don’t be left on the hook with a company that makes warranty promises they don’t follow through with. If you install with us, we handle warranty registration as well as processing the warranty claim for any work we perform which would be covered.